The 2024 Red Hoffman Cup Matches: The Road to Bayonne


(November 21, 2023) The 2024 Red Hoffman Cup Finals will be competed on June 30 at breathtaking Bayonne Golf Club. Ranked #8 in New Jersey by Golf Digest, it was once described by Sports Illustrated as "the most audacious golf course in the world." We are honored to be able to be able to include Bayonne GC as a central part of our Red Hoffman Cup Matches 20th Anniversary. 

Thank you to BGC's creator, Eric Bergstol, and his management team -- particularly General Manager Rudy Virga and Director of Golf Chris Billington -- for offering us the opportunity to compete on their awe-inspiring course. More to follow!


More good news! After several years on the sidelines, the Ridge at Back Brook (BTW, #10 in NJ by Golf Digest), has agreed to join us again. Thank you to The Ridge's visionary, Joel Moore, and head professional Travis Deibert for again stepping up to the Hoffman Cup plate! Again, more to follow! 

2024 Red Hoffman Cup Matches
Key Dates

 Groups Announced  Intragroup Matches Semifinals   Finals
When: March 1, 2024 When: Sat, Apr 27; Sun, Apr 28; Sat, May 4 (all matches must be completed by Sun Jun 2) When: To be played between Sat, Jun 9 to Sun, Jun 17 When: Sat, June 30, 1pm 
Who: Your club and three others will form a single Group. Captains should start setting up matches. Who: Your club vs. one of the other three clubs in your group. Who: All group winners, minus the bye club, which will have a bye directly to the Finals. Who: The four Semifinal match winners, plus the bye team; that is five teams (40 players).
Where: Each day, two four ball matches at home, two away. Where: Two matches home, two away (same as Intragroup Matches). Where: Bayonne Golf Club 
Format: Two man, four ball, match play, Nassau point sytem. Team with the overall highest point total (a.k.a., the bye club) advances directly to Finals. Format: Adjusting for the bye team, seeding will be determined by points earned in the intragroup play; sudden-death tie breaker would be in effect. Format: For each club, four x two-man teams; four ball, medal play; all four scores count; sudden death tie breaker in effect.

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